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Red shirt rorts: Neil Mitchell’s reminder for Dan Andrews

Neil Mitchell has labelled Daniel Andrews’s non-action over the red shirts as “hypocritical, inconsistent, dishonest”.

Neil pointed to the Premier’s tough stance against Adem Somyurek in 2015 as proof that Mr Andrews is not consistent.

“I think it is untenable that the Attorney General is under investigation by police but doesn’t stand down,” Neil said today.

“I think it is untenable that several other ministers are the same.

“But Daniel Andrews says ‘Get stuffed’.

“Let me remind Mr Andrews of something that happened two years ago.

“One of his Ministers, Adem Somyurek, was accused of bullying a staff member.

“Daniel Andrews beat his chest and stood him down; he said it might be a police matter.


“Well it never was, as far as I’m aware. (note: a report was conducted by former Office of Police Integrity boss Michael Strong).

“But the point is, Daniel Andrews stood down this minister for what might be a police matter.

“Now we have something that is a police matter, covering six of his ministers, and he won’t budge.

“That is hypocritical, inconsistent, dishonest.

“That, I’m afraid, is our Premier at work.”