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Red shirt scandal: Former Labor staffer left jobless and friendless

The former Labor staffer who blew the whistle on the red shirts scandal says he doesn’t feel vindicated but is hopeful the Ombudsman’s report to be released this morning will see the matter put to bed.

At least 20 Labor MPs are expected to be named for breaking parliamentary rules by using taxpayer funded electorate staff to campaign for the party at the last election.

Jake Finnigan (not pictured above) was paid two days a week to work in an electorate office and handle issues for voters, when he actually went out and campaigned for Labor.

He told Neil Mitchell the decision to come forward two years ago has seen him become unemployable, near friendless and at times institutionalised with mental health issues.

“I’ve lost a significant part of my life in this process,” Jake said.

“Do you regret coming forward?” Neil asked.

“I feel it’s had immense negative impact on me but I hope it will be for the greater good of this state.

“Hopefully we’ll put this whole sordid saga to bed.”

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Photo: AAP (Labor volunteers from the Northcote campaign, November 18 2017)