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Red Symons: The most infuriating phrases and how he feels when he hears a Skyhooks tune

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Like most musicians, Red Symons still finds it difficult to listen to his own songs.

He joked about the competition between the Skyhooks and Sherbert to Tony Jones, during his regular spot on 3AW Mornings.

“I hear work, and flaws. I can hardly ever listen to a Skyhooks song and think, nicely done,” he said.

“Rough around the edges…” he joked.

Video: Highlights from Red’s chat with Neil

Red also shared a story about a conversation he overheard on the train between a couple of teens and that word that infuriated him to no end.

“Every second word is like… it’s instead of saying um. It’s a spacer,” he said.

3AW listeners had their own ideas for the worst phrases of all time:

  • Y’know
  • The term – “Who are we versing this week?”
  • Over-use of the word ‘journey’

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Photo: Red performing at the Rockwiz Live show, AAP



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