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Regional bakery owner slams ‘really unfair’ new fines for serving Melburnians

A bakery owner says tough new fines announced at the weekend put “undue stress and upset” on regional eateries.

Regional eateries now face fines of almost $10,000 if they do not take reasonable precautions to ensure dine-in customers are not from Melbourne.

The steep new fine was announced at the weekend after a Melburnian, who was permitted to travel, last week brought COVID-19 to Kilmore after dining at a cafe.

Melburnians, even those who are in regional areas for work or other permitted reasons, may only get take away at regional restaurants and cafes.

If eateries fail to check customers’ ID they can be fined $9913.

Apollo Bay Bakery owner, Sally Cannon, said it’s “a really unfair pressure to put on businesses”.

“Obviously regional Victoria has done a fantastic job of everything it has been asked to do during the pandemic, and to threaten us with this fine … has just caused undue stress and upset.

“There are a lot of people in Apollo Bay that have been at their holiday homes or living here since the first lockdown, and they’ve been supporting us and other local businesses … If they continue to come in are we still allowed to serve them?”

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