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Rego rip-off: Government’s response to charging us $200 each for nothing prompts new radio segment

Drivers are being hit with sky-high registration fees to pay for a dud VicRoads computer that was never used.

Motorists have shelled out $800 million for the scrapped system over the past 6 years — about $200 each.

The $35 annual levy to pay for what the Herald Sun is calling the RandL drivers’ database.

The extra fee was introduced by the Baillieu government in 2012 to cover a funding shortfall when the cost of the system blew out.

It was eventually scrapped in 2015 but the levy remained , and both the Coalition and Labor governments since have pocketed the extra cash.


The government’s answer didn’t impress Ross — “They might as well have said ‘I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts'” — and prompted a new radio segment.

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