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Remarkable surgeon completes five back-to-back transplant surgeries in 36 hours

A remarkable Melbourne surgeon has completed a marathon of five back-to-back transplant surgeries, working over 36 hours.

Dr Amanda Robertson (above) director of nephrology surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, told Neil Mitchell it took a big team of people, but they managed to achieve the best outcome.

“You’ve managed to changed five people’s lives,” Dr Robertson said.

“It’s fabulous for them.

“We got the first one at about 7 or 8 o’clock at night (last Saturday), and operated through the night.

“We did three overnight, one on Sunday and one in the early hours of Monday morning.”

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Dr Robertson said she managed to get a few hours sleep “here and there” between surgeries.

“You get trained over many years of being woken at night and going back to sleep,” she said.

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