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Remembrance Day poppy sellers allowed back in after being ‘kicked out’ of shopping centre

UPDATE: Remembrance Day poppy sellers who had been kicked out of a shopping centre complex in Melbourne’s outer-east say they have had a win.

Bill Grant from the Boronia RSL told Neil Mitchell yesterday they were approached by the managers of the Boronia Junction Shopping Centre on Cup Day as they were finishing up and told that “no buskers” were allowed.

He said it was “terribly upsetting” but management has since apologised and told RSL members they were allowed to sell poppies there.

“We’ve had some good news,” he said.

“The gentleman who originally banned us has said he had a brain fade and he’s had good think about it and he’s letting us back in.

“We are happy with how it turned out.”

The local RSL has been selling poppies there for 25 years.

He implored people not to boycott the centre and said as far as they were concerned, it was the end of the story.

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