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Report finds East-West link needed in the near future

The East-West Link would save billions of dollars, an independent report has found.

Infrastructure Australia, an independent statutory body, has announced that the road is a priority in the near future to avoid congestion.

Tom Elliott said he felt sick when he read the report.

‘It is unbelievable,’ he said.

‘Blind Freddy knew this. East-West Link is going to be built eventually.

‘What did we get instead? $1.1bn down the drain to not build it.’

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Earlier, Neil Mitchell spoke to Brendan Lyon, CEO of a private think tank called Infrastructure Partnerships Australia.

Mr Lyon said the East-West Link is a ‘logical’ and ‘obvious’ project based on the evidence available.

‘It’s about looking through the political narrative and looking at what do you need to make the city work,’ he said.

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