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Report finds Victoria Police officers preying on victims

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius says he’s ‘deeply ashamed’ by revelations Victorian police officers have been taking advantage of victims of crime.

It’s been revealed there were 114 complaints of police misusing their power recorded between January 2004 and June 2014, with 142 individual victimisations.

The predatory behaviour ranged from the misuse of the police database, to officers using their position for sexual favours.

It’s also believed cases are almost certainly under-reported, with most targets victims of domestic violence.

The revelations come just a week before another report, compiled by IBAC, is due to be released.

Asst. Commissioner Cornelius confessed on 3AW Mornings it was a tough time for Victoria Police.

But he said they were determined to clean things up.

‘This demands more than mere shame, this demands a very clear call to action to address that small number of people – we believe – are preying on the community,’ he told Neil Mitchell.

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