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Research suggests Australians have forgotten how to have fun

Have Australians forgotten how to have fun?

The 2019 Fun Report reveals three out of four (75 per cent) Australians feel guilty when they have fun, with this figure increasing to 84 per cent for parents.

Dr Tim Sharp, founder of The Happiness Institute, told 3AW Drive it’s not that Australian’s don’t know how to have fun, it’s that we don’t prioritise it enough.

“Between work, parenting and household chores, fun seems to take a backseat,” said Dr Sharp.

“We are over-scheduling things and we don’t leave enough time to just do nothing.

“Fun needs to be practiced regularly for it to work and to get good at it.”

Australian’s have rated their country as only being a 5.6 out of ten for being a fun place.

“Fun plays a very important part in well-being, not just for kids, but for adults too,” Dr Sharp said.

“If your kids aren’t turning around and saying I’m bored, you’re not being a good parent.”

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