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Researchers prove Leonardo da Vinci was ambidextrous

It has been 500 years since Leonardo da Vinci died, but researchers are still discovering new information about the Renaissance artist, inventor and scientist.

Researchers at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence say they have proven that da Vinci was able to write, draw and paint with both hands.

They made the discovery while conducting an in-depth study of da Vinci’s earliest known drawing, Landscape (8P).

The painting features two blocks of text, one in regular writing, and one in reversed ‘mirror’ script.

Researchers say the mirrored script was written using his left hand, while the ordinary writing was done with his right.

It is believed that da Vinci was born left handed, but learnt to write with his right hand at an early age.

Tom Elliott spoke to Evolutionary Biology and Animal Behaviour expert Professor Mark Elgar.

“I think its very difficult to discern whether it [ambidexterity] is innate or learned,” he said.

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