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Resident fears again run high following latest home invasion

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Tarneit residents say the suburb in Melbourne’s west is so unsafe many are leaving.

However, police deny they’re failing to tackle the crime problem.

Fears are again running high following another disturbing attack.

A machete-wielding gang, described as of African appearance, threatened a woman in her Tarneit home before punching her in the face and stealing her car.

The 34-year-old victim had just parked her car in the garage of her home when she was attacked.

She’s too frightened to speak publicly about it.

Luke Mitchell, who ran a Tarneit community group before leaving due to safety concerns, told Neil Mitchell people were scared.

“There are still some big issues that haven’t been addressed,” he said.

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Police commissioner Graham Ashton said police patrols continually saturated the Tarneit area, especially at night.

He said he was extremely confident police would know who the offenders were.

He said police had made more than 700 arrests in the past 14 months.

“We’ve been absolutely smashing them,” Mr Ashton said.

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