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Residents raise concerns about suburban ‘no go zones’

Residents in suburban areas of the state say shopping areas have become ‘no go zones’, which they are frightened to visit.

An article in the Cranbourne Leader today says Fountain Gate shopping centre has become a ‘no go zone’.

Jacqui told Neil Mitchell her children aren’t allowed to go to the shopping centre any more, after her son was attacked.

“My son was there celebrating a friend’s birthday on the school holidays, and they were robbed in the food court by a gang of sixteen year old boys,” she said.

“They took their money, they took a jacket.”

Jacqui said she has heard of many other children being attacked at the shopping centre, and security are powerless to stop them.

“I’ve spoken to security, they say they’re powerless .. they’re not allowed to touch them. They can ask them to leave and contact police,” she said.

Rhonda Polley, who owns Body Pleasure Piercing in Geelong’s Little Malop Street, said the area is also becoming a no go zone.

“I know people are afraid to go there,” she said.

“It’s sad because it’s affecting the businesses and what we really need is more people to go there.”

Ms Polley also owns a shop in Acland Street, St Kilda.

She said at the moment the Geelong area is more problematic than St Kilda.

Press PLAY below to hear what Jacqui and Rhonda had to say to Neil about the ‘no go zones’ in their areas.

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