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Restricting streaming services one of several ‘options’ to help Australia cope with surging internet demand

Restricting the use of streaming services online is just one of several “options” Australia may have to consider as internet demand surges during the coronavirus crisis.

With an increasing number people working from home, pressure will undoubtedly grow on the NBN and internet providers to meet that demand.

Michael Ackland, from Telstra, said he understood roughly “70 to 80 per cent” of the peak load in Australia was taken up by streaming services.

“We could get to a point where we have to, I guess, make some priorities as a country,” he told Neil Mitchell.

That could mean restrictions around what Australians can and can’t use the internet for.

Mr Ackland said users should also expect longer wait times on Telstra’s helpline to deal with issues, with up to 60 per cent of their call centre team (based in the Phillipines) now unable to take calls due to a lockdown in Manila.

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