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What demographers are looking for in this year’s Census

It’s census results day, which will keep data nerds across Australia very busy.

So what are demographers really excited about learning about our changing nation?

Our multicultural mix and housing affordability top the list, Glenn Capuano told Ross and John.

“Some of the key things will be the different ethic mix, the cultural mix,” he said, giving a special mention to Melbourne’s Indian community.

“Also things around housing affordability … we expect to see a rise in people renting, for example, and people staying at home with their parents.”

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The number of false or absurd Census responses is expected to affect the quality of some of the data.

Mr Capuano told Ross and John fake answers should be recognisable.

“We won’t know for sure about the reliability until the ABS release the data quality statements with the data today,” he said on 3AW Breakfast.

“But I think if it wasn’t at least a similar reliability to previous Census’ they wouldn’t have marked the date and kept it at this point.”