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Revealed: How much we pay per trip for Melbourne’s new all-night trains, trams and buses

Victorians are paying $124 per trip on the new all-night public transport network, 3AW Mornings has revealed.

Statistics compiled by the Neil Mitchell program show the full cost of the ‘Night Network’, which started on January 1.

The Andrews Government is two weeks into the year-long trial, which costs $83.6 million for the 12 months.

3AW Mornings senior producer Heidi Murphy told Neil how she broke down the figures.

  • Week 1 – 9,862 patrons utilised the all night service
  • Week 2 – more than 15,000 (exact figure not available) patrons utilised the all-night service
  • Total for two weeks: nearly 25,000 people using the service


  • $83.6m / 52 (52 weekends in a year) = $1.6 million per weekend
  • $1.6m / 12,500 average patronage
  • = $128 per person, minus a $4 Myki fare (a two-hour Myki fare costs $3.90, which has been rounded up)
  • = $124 per person, per trip

    Listen as Senior Producer Heidi Murphy breaks it down