Revealed: Violent criminal escapes from guards amid embarrassing mistake


A violent young criminal was on the loose in Melbourne for hours because his prison guards forgot to lock him in the back of their van.

3AW Afternoons reported the escape as it happened on Thursday, and Neil Mitchell today reported how the embarrassing bungle happened during a hospital visit.

“It’d almost be funny if it wasn’t so serious.”
– Neil Mitchell

Four Department of Justice staff were transporting the boy from Parkville Youth Justice Centre at the time.

They first attended the Royal Melbourne Hospital, only to be told he would have to attend the Royal Children’s Hospital.

It was at some point between the two hospitals that the prisoner escaped.

Neil Mitchell has been told the hatch on the secure door was not locked.

The boy opened the door and ran away.

He was on the run for several hours.

Neil Mitchell said the public should have been made aware.

“No word from Department of Justice, no word from Corrections, no word from police,” he said.

“That is not good enough.”