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Richmond CEO guarantees Hardwick’s job for 2017

Damien Hardwick will be coach of the Tigers in 2017.

CEO Brendon Gale told 3AW Sunday Football he will be a better coach for the experience of a disappointing 2016 campaign.

‘Damien has a contract. He’ll be the coach next year,’ Gale said.

‘There are some considerable learnings out of this year and I think he’ll be better for it.’

Gale said responsibility for the season falls with more than just one person.

‘The coach has responsibility for performances, but performances are made up of many factors,’ he said.

‘It’s important that we look at all of those and make measured decisions.’

Gale said the Tigers see themselves as a finals team.

‘When we reached a point where that wasn’t going to happen, they lost a bit of belief.’

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