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Richmond proposes 40,000-seat upgrade for Punt Road Oval

Richmond has proposed an upgrade to Punt Road Oval as Melbourne’s third stadium.

Tigers CEO Brendon Gale told Ross and John a 40,000-seater next to the MCG would allow for flexibility in the fixture.

‘Given public transport, infrastructure, traffic flow, and access, you couldn’t pinpoint a better location,’ Gale said.

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But Dwayne Russell disagrees.

He said a boutique stadium in Melbourne is a ‘certainty’, but doesn’t think the Tigers are the right team to host it.

‘Richmond simply has too many members for a 40,000-seat stadium,’ he said on Sports Today.

‘They should have 80,000 members by the time this new thing will be built.

‘It’s the Bulldogs and North Melbourne who would be better placed with their own 40,000 venue.’

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