Rickshaw rider takes wrong turn and ends up on the West Gate Freeway


A rickshaw ride has taken a literal wrong turn for the worse for a couple and their young daughter, after they found themselves on the West Gate Freeway yesterday.

Kirsten Smith told Tony Jones the frightening joyride began when their rickshaw rider took a left turn onto the on-ramp.

“We jumped on at the DFO area, we thought it would be great fun to get a lift to the car park,” she said.

“Once we were on the on-ramp there was no turning back.

“There was quite a lot of tooting, a lot of swearing.

“We had to stay on until the Power Street exit.

“It’s very steep, he earned his money I can tell you, I actually tipped him a little bit as well, he’d worked very hard.”

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Chris Miller from VicRoads told Tony if he was caught the rider would face pretty steep fines.

“There’s a fine of $161 for any driver or rider who is using the freeway where there’s a sign indicating that the driver’s vehicle is not permitted,” he said.

“There’s a dirty great sign, which says no bikes allowed.

“Driving in the emergency lane too incurs a fine of $322.”