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Ride Like a Girl: Rachel Griffiths chats about her directorial debut

Much loved Australian actress Rachel Griffiths made her directorial debut earlier this year, directing Ride Like a Girl.

Griffiths joined 3AW’s Denis Walter in studio, where she opened up about starting out as a director, her time living overseas, and what brought her back home five years ago.

“My time away, whilst I’m very grateful for it, I was homesick daily,” she said.

“To be using my natural accent and telling stories that I really understood on that heartfelt level, it’s been a challenging and thrilling four years doing that.”

The actress and director is the youngest child, and said she thinks Michelle Payne being the youngest in the Payne family is essential to her success story, as told in Ride Like a Girl.

“I think the youngest children are very tenacious,” she said.

“I think that sibling rivalry kind of drives us and to me it’s no coincidence that Michelle was the baby.”

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