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‘So ridiculous’: Hobby farmer’s permission to ‘scare’ kangaroos as drought takes hold

A Gippsland farmer says he has been given a permit to ‘scare’ kangaroos on his property, rather than cull them.

As first reported in The Weekly Times, Forge Creek farmer Robert Richards says he received the letter from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning giving him a permit to scare the Eastern Grey kangaroos destroying his fences and wreaking havoc.

“I think they’ve lost the plot,” he told Neil Mitchell.

He said it was an ongoing problem, as his property borders a reserve and the drought takes hold.

“In the last 20 odd years there hasn’t been a problem, I probably get two or tree permits a year,” he said.

“This latest permit I’m not allowed to shoot, I’ve got to find a way to scare. I don’t know how I am going to do that.”

He said it was so ridiculous he would reapply, and hope the department had “come to their senses”.

Neil: How are you supposed to scare them?

Mr Richards: You tell me Neil.

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