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Rise in rowdy passengers prompts call to limit drinks at airports

Image: Burnso enjoying a tipple in the Qantas Lounge before the boys’ flight to Kentucky earlier this year

In what could be disastrous news for one of our own (see above), a budget airline wants airport bars to limit passenger’s drinks to just two before boarding flights.

Ryanair wants British airports to check boarding passes and sell no more than two alcohol drinks per pass.

The airline also wants to stop bars from selling any alcohol before 10am.

Travel writer Lucy Jones told Ross and John there were some flaws in the proposed plan.

“How do you police where you’ve been before you arrive at the airport?” She said.

“There’s a lot of logistical problems with it.”

She also reminded 3AW Breakfast this is the airline that also considered introducing standing room only seating and charging passengers to use the toilet on flights.

According to the BBC there have been 387 arrests for drunken behaviour at British airports or during flights this year, up from 255 last year.

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