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Rising trade tensions with China put $1.2 billion industry at risk

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Australian wine exporters have been caught up in the nation’s trade tensions with China, as the industry faces an investigation from our biggest trading partner.

Managing Director at Taylors Wines Mitchell Taylor says Chinese authorities are forensically examining the wine industry.

“They’ve put an investigation on anti-dumping,” he told Ross and Russ on 3AW Breakfast.

“And this anti-dumping thing has really confused and surprised Australian winemakers, because our industry is going through the roof over there.”

Dumping generally occurs when a company exports a product into a country at a price that is lower than the price charged in the country of manufacture.

“If they do it methodically, and they take a whole year to do this investigation, with all the questions that we’re filling out, I think we will prove the facts with the data that it certainly isn’t dumping,” he said.

“Let’s hope we work through this with a bit of time, maybe they’re out there trying to give our industry and other industries a bit of warning.

“But let’s hopefully stick to the facts, because long term it’s a good market for both country’s.”

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