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Rita Panahi tells Tom Elliott of her terrifying ‘home invasion’ that wasn’t

Herald Sun columnist Rita Panahi has told Tom Elliott about a frightening experience she had last week.

‘I feel a bit silly talking about it, but I was utterly terrified for a good hour…’

‘I woke up absolutely sure I heard something inside the house? I was sure I could hear something down stairs’ ? Rita told Tom.

She says she has knifes hidden around her home, and was quick to grab one. 

‘It’s me and my son, and I feel like I’m protecting the household. I’ve had some threats over the years, and I’m determined, if someone does come into our home, I’m going to provide some sort of protection. I’m not going to be helpless.’ – She stood with a knife next to her bed for almost an hour.

Rita says many things were running through her head – ‘Where should I stand, do I stand near my son’s room? Or do I divert them from there?’

Thankfully, for Rita’s sake, there was no one in the house.

Rita wonders if she hadn’t been hearing so much about home invasions in the news, would she have been so worried?

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