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Road safety barrier program in doubt under Matthew Guy

The blanket rollout of wire rope barriers along Victoria’s most dangerous roads could be suspended if Opposition Leader Matthew Guy wins the election.

Mr Guy says the government has botched the program, and some of the wire rope barriers are being built too close to the road.

A working group would be established and the initiative would be reviewed under his leadership, he says.

The Coalition has also again raised concerns about access for emergency vehicles.

Bryan Sherritt, VicRoads director of Safe System Infrastructure program, told Ross and John they were halfway through the program.

He said in 2017, the barriers already installed across the network had been struck 1800 times.

“Each one of those was a potential fatal crash avoided,” he said.

“We have installed this barriers in accordance with the CFA paper they produced on wire rope barriers.”

“We’ve done that as best we possibly can.”

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Photo: Simon O’Dwyer, Fairfax