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FIRST ON 3AW: Robert Doyle just put police rifles on the agenda

Victoria’s top cop says there’s no plans to issue police with long-arm assault weapons.

But they are about to get more ammunition in the wake of the Manchester terror attack.

Lord Mayor put rifles on the agenda in an interview with Neil Mitchell today, saying we need to talk about it.

“This would be a major change for us … but I think we need to ask all of these questions,” he said.

“It’s not a look I would particularly enjoy, but…”

In response, chief commissioner Graham Ashton said “look and feel” was an important reason to avoid arming our police with assault rifles.

“Do we want police walking around with machine guns?” he said to Neil Mitchell after the Doyle interview.

Mr Ashton said the training required would also be major impost.

However, police will soon be issued with more ammunition, and body armour could also be upgraded.