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Ron Iddles reflects on his police career with Neil Mitchell

The man known as ‘Australia’s greatest detective’ has handed in his badge, saying he’ll miss the camaraderie but the time is right for him to call time on his career. 

Former homicide cop Ron Iddles had a 99 per cent court conviction rate, investigating more than 300 cases.

He told Neil Mitchell the cases he hadn’t solved still irked him.

‘There’s probably three or four jobs that I’m reasonably confident that I know who’s responsible, but the evidence is not there, or they have an alibi,’ the outgoing police association secretary said on 3AW.

‘It’s frustrating because we had a saying in the office that failure wasn’t an option.’

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Mr Iddles said he thought Victoria was ‘at times’ too soft on offenders and that the police force faced several issues moving forward.

He said the threat of terrorism was a constant concern.

‘It will happen and it’ll happen in Melbourne,’ Mr Iddles said.

‘It’s just a matter of when.’

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