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Ron Iddles says it’s time to ‘stop holding hands and singing kumbaya’ with Victoria’s young offenders

One of Victoria’s most respected police officers has slammed the state of Victoria’s juvenile justice system.

Ron Iddles says it’s time to scrap the controversial ‘therapeutic’ model being used to deal with young offenders.

There have been several incidents at the Melbourne Youth Justice Centre this year.

‘It’s quite clearly time to move on,’ the head of the Police Association told 3AW Mornings.

‘It’s time to stop holding hands and singing kumbaya.’

Mr Iddles said not only was the model ineffective, it was costly.

It focuses on rehabilitation and diversion, rather than hard-line punishment.

‘It’s around an extra $65,000 a year for each young person in care, if it’s properly implemented,’ he explained.

‘I don’t think it’s ever been properly implemented.’

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