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Ross and John celebrate World Obesity Day

Today is World Obesity Day.

It is a chance for us to reflect on the extent of the problem of obesity across the world.

Alison McAleese from LiveLighter Victoria told Ross and John it’s a poignant day for us as two-thirds of Australians are overweight.

‘It’s also an opportunity for governments to take stock of the approaches they are currently taking to manage obesity, and take some stronger action,’ Ms McAleese said.

She said schools need to be held to the guidelines that ensure healthy food is served at tuckshops.

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Perhaps misconstruing the day somewhat, Ross and John took ‘celebrating’ World Obesity Day as a chance to honour their favourite unhealthy food for one day per year.

Burnso said there’s nothing more perfect than the potato cake, while Ela Carte nominated the croquette.

But Scorcher topped the lot, introducing them to the concept of the francesinha.

3AW listeners put in their own suggestions, including:

  • Ham, cheese, and potato cake sandwich
  • KFC
  • Deep-fried Mars Bar

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