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Ross and John frustrated by front page report

A report on the front page of The Age on Thursday has Ross and John stumped.

A mother claims a Melbourne school has put its own reputation ahead of her son’s welfare after it recently expelled him.

The year 10 student was whisked away from school by police in uniform.

“Has the world gone completely mad!?”
– Ross Stevenson.

Why? A few weeks earlier, he and two friends had pooled money together to buy $695 worth of Bitcoins – digital currency.

They’ve then used those Bitcoins to purchase 100 tabs of acid (LSD) on the dark web.

It’s reported they ordered “too much” and gave some away to friends.

One of those friends had a “bad trip” and ran around the street naked, eventually ending up in hospital.

That’s when police got involved. The teen has been charged with 22 offences, including drug possession, drug trafficking and graffiti.

But his mother isn’t happy with the way it’s been handled, saying her son has been humiliated and treated harshly.

Ross and John have an entirely different view.

“Has the world gone completely mad!?” Ross asked.

Inconsistencies in the way schools deal with students involved in drugs were highlighted in recent Ombudsman’s report.

“It’s a really difficult process,” 3AW Breakfast’s education guru and principal of Mackinnon Secondary College, Pitsa Binnion, said.

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