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Ross and John get medical support for their campaign to ditch daylight saving

What started as an interview on Australia’s battle with insomnia ended with Ross and John trying to sign up the professor for their latest campaign.

New research has shown more than one in seven Australians has full-blown insomnia, but the vast majority aren’t getting diagnosed or treated for the sleep disorder linked to heart disease, diabetes and depression.

Professor Robert Adams from the Sleep Health Foundation told 3AW Breakfast chronic insomnia can be defined as three or more nights of sleep struggles per week for three months or more, along with some daytime symptoms

Looking for solutions, Ross suggested daylight saving was having an adverse impact cross summer.

And he was very happy with Professor Adam’s response.

“There has been an argument made by sleep specialists … in the United States against daylight saving for that reason,” Robert Adams said.

“One of the things it does is disturb your body clock, so that your internal clock is out of sync with the external time.

“And some people never switch back properly.”

Ross: You beauty. There is a medical reason to get rid of daylight saving!

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