Ross and John get to the bottom of worlds greatest marketing triumphs

Ross and John got talking about bottled water and how it’s one of the greatest triumphs of modern marketing.

One of Burnso’s top picks was ‘Vitamins and Minerals’ – ‘99.9% of what you buy goes down the toilet’

Listener Brendan says Printer Ink, Ross agree’s and says he spent almost $400 on ink at Officeworks last week.

Burnso got sucked into a marketing ploy, ‘driving shoes’.


Burnso’s driving shoes (they don’t even fit him)

Coca Cola is one that speaks for itself…

Paracetamol and Panadol Rapid – they don’t call normal Panadol ‘Panadol Slow’

What about Gourmet Pet Food –  ‘There is that ad with the hideous cat, it’s as if the cat was your child’.

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