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Ross and John learn all about selfies (and what not to post)

Taking a good selfie is not just about getting the right angle.

There’s a new trend among employers to head online and check out the social media profiles of their potential future staff.

And apparently the sorts of selfies being taken can be a deal breaker.

Senior Image Consultant Avril Laurie told Ross and John it’s a phenomenon known as social screening.

‘It’s what a lot of human resources people are doing currently, it’s when they look you on on the internet to they go past the CV, past the resume and they go straight onto the internet to see socially what comes up,’ she said.

‘So it’s everything you put on your Instagram, Facebook, even right down to the photograph you used on your LinkedIn.’

There’s also some selfies that potential employers should never see, Ms Laurie warned.

Looks like Ross and John didn’t learn much about how to take a good selfie..