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Ross and John on the Australian woman Cassie Sainsbury arrested in Colombia

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An Australian woman is facing up to 25 years in a Colombian jail, accused of trying to smuggle drugs.

Adelaide’s Cassie Sainsbury was arrested after being found in possession of 5.8 kilograms of cocaine moments before she boarded her flight home.

The cocaine was allegedly hidden inside 15 pairs of headphones.

Ms Sainsbury claims she was going to use the headphones as gifts for her bridal party at her upcoming wedding.

The 22-year-old was in the country on a working holiday. 

Her family insists she is innocent and have set up an online campaign to help bring her home.

She was denied bail and is being held in Colombia’s largest women’s prison, El Buen Pastor.

The following line caught the attention of Ross and John: ‘The prison is notorious for its squalor and over-crowding, as well as its annual beauty pageant.’

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