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Ross and John’s ‘the best advice from song lyrics’

A poetic parliamentary speech inspired Ross and John this morning to come up with a list of song lyrics as life advice. 

Federal MP Matt Keogh recited Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) in parliament on Tuesday night as a tribute to Year 12 students currently sitting their exams.

It got Ross and John thinking about which song lyrics could be quoted for the next generation as life advice. 

Suggestions included:

  • ‘I get knocked down, But I get up again, You’re never going to keep me down’ – Tubthumping, Chumbawumba
  • ‘You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows,’ – Bob Dylan
  • ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,’ – Monty Python

Click PLAY to hear the full list: