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Ross and John speak with Laura Vissaritis about the high-pitch puppy voice

Feel like a bit of a fool talking to a puppy in a high-pitched voice?

Well, you shouldn’t!

New research has discovered it’s actually the best way humans can communicate with their furry friend.

A joint study of 30 people and 20 dogs found the high-pitched voice, also used when speaking to babies, is most effective when pooches are pups.

Sounds like Burnso has got a new weapon to help keep ‘Gus’ behaved!

Ross and John spoke with 3AW Afternoons’ resident canine behaviour expert, Laura Vissaritis, about why it worked.

‘When you speak to them in that baby voice, usually good things come with that ? they’re getting treats and attention and so they start to associate that with something positive,’ she explained.

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