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Ross and John spoke to US experts about Donald Trump

The race to become president of the United States is as good as any movie. Why? Two words; Donald Trump.

Ross and John spoke to two political experts from the US on how Donald Trump became the Republican presidential candidate and if Hilary Clinton will become the 45th president of the United States.

Alex Conant, Republican strategist and communications manager for Marco Rubio, Donald Trump’s opponent, says Donald Trump’s statements are full of contradictions and inconsistencies. 

‘It’s not something he said 10 years ago and said something different yesterday. He said something yesterday and something different today. So far it hasn’t hurt him. But it has hurt him with a lot of republicans who are not ready to support him,’ he said.

While Penny Lee, Democrat strategist and political commentator, says Donald Trump has insulted his way across America and alienated female and minority voters.

‘Right now he just keeps continuing to tweet out 140 characters of insults to most Americans,’ she says.

Alex Conant and Penny Lee are in Australia to explain the US election to Australians. 

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Ross also quizzed John on statements people had made. The answer, Donald Trump. Yes, he said them all. 

Take a look.


‘I support a ban on assault weapons.’ 

‘I do not support a ban on assault weapons.’


‘I think we have to accept refugees on a humanitarian basis.’

‘The refugees are going back we can’t have them.’


‘When it comes to abortion I’m very pro-choice.’

‘?I’m pro-life.’


‘I would tax people of wealth by over 14.25 per cent.’

‘I want a big tax reduction for people on the upper income.’  


? John got all correct.