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Ross and John stumped how this neighbour-killer only got six years

A man who shot dead his neighbour in the victim’s own home has been sentenced to six years in prison — and it’s got Ross and John stumped.

Dwayne Wright, 26, had shouted at his neighbour to keep her dogs quiet two days before Christmas in 2018.

The dispute escalated and the woman’s step-father, Jason Lee Ashman, eventually emerged with sawn-off shot-gun.

A struggle ensued between step-father and daughter, the court heard, resulting in the gun being fired through Mr Wright’s fly-screen wire door, killing him.

Ashman, 49, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was jailed for six years. With time already served he could be released in just over three years.

Ross and John, former lawyers, found the sentence vexing.

Ross: My question to you: Where is the only other person who is able to say whether that (struggle) happened? Where’s he?

Burnso: He’s dead.

Ross: Yes.

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