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Ross Stevenson stunned by his ‘appalling’ experience on the V/Line train to Albury

Ross Stevenson caught the train to Albury on Thursday and it’s fair to say the experience left him, er, stunned.

He said he couldn’t believe how bad it was.

Not only did the train run more than 30 minutes late, Ross quickly discovered from other passengers that was a ‘normal’ occurrence on the line.

But the problems didn’t end there.

The canteen didn’t open until Benalla, some two hours into the trip.

And it wasn’t because there was a problem.

That’s just when it was scheduled to open.

With most passengers getting off the train at Wangaratta, that left them just 26 minutes to get something and eat it.

The 3AW Breakfast host almost fell off his seat when he overheard another passenger ask a staff member why the train was running behind and was told “we rarely run on time on this line” in response.

“It’s 2019,” Ross said from Rutherglen.

“Does anybody run V/Line?”

Ross said he felt for those who caught the train regularly.

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Picture: The Age