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‘Rotten’ thieves steal Christmas gifts from Salvos church donated for local kids

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Heartless thieves have stolen seven bikes donated as Christmas gifts for locals children from a church storage unit in Carrum Downs.

Police are investigating after the Kmart brand bikes were stolen from the church’s storage unit early on Monday morning.

Meaghan Grist, a volunteer at the Carrum Downs Salvation Army Church, told Neil Mitchell it wasn’t the first time the church had been targeted.

“Seven of our bikes that were donated brand new in boxes, donated for Christmas gifts have been stolen from our storage container which is on the church premises,” he said.

“This is the fourth time it’s happened in four years.

“This time they’ve taken Christmas gifts.”

She said the bikes were to be distributed to struggling families in the Carrum Downs area.

“Very disappointing,” she said.

“If people want something, that’s what the Salvation Army is here for, please don’t steal from us.”

That’s when 3AW Mornings callers responded, touched by the story and promised to donate money, gift vouchers and bikes.

Meaghan was left over-whelmed by the response.

Neil: Rotten thieves can get nicked, we’ve replaced them!

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If you want to donate, visit the Salvos at 1265 Frankston Dandenong Road, Carrum Downs or call 9775 1915.

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Today, Grant Tucker from Advance Security in Lilydale pledged to install a CCTV system to hopefully deter thieves.

Meaghan was back on the line, incredibly grateful for the

“Thank you so much, that is incredible!”

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