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Royal Adelaide Show remove golliwog dolls after online backlash

Golliwog dolls on display at the Royal Adelaide Show have been removed after they were slammed as racist on social media.

Photos of the dolls were posted on the Deadly Yarning from South Australian Aboriginal Communities Facebook page.

Michelle Hocking, the director of the Royal Adelaide Show, told Tom Elliott said there were three of the dolls on display for a few days before they were taken down.

“It started to get a bit nasty, actually it got a lot nasty,” she said.

“We made the call to take them off display we were quite concerned for the exhibitors.”

She said they felt for the exhibitors being targeted online.

“There would not be a nasty bone in their body,” she said.

“The groundswell was very negative. And we looked at it and thought protect the people that have entered them.”

She said it was quite emotional, and there were plenty of people on both sides of the debate.

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