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‘Hairdressing hero’ set to keep her salon at the Royal Children’s Hospital

UPDATE: A “hairdressing hero” in danger of losing her salon on campus at the Royal Children’s Hospital says her business can stay open thanks to the kindness of strangers.

Fiona Payet doesn’t charge patients at the hospital for hair cuts – a business model that’s left the big-hearted hairdresser struggling to pay rent.

Yesterday Neil Mitchell spoke to her friend Kelly Eng, who’d started up a fundraiser to keep Salon Royale open.

An overwhelmed Fiona told the 3AW Mornings host today the fundraiser has eclipsed $16,000 and she was truly thankful to everyone who had donated and had been “in tears” ever since.

“That will keep me going for at least another six to seven months,” she said.

Neil Mitchell: We set out to fix it, and YOU have!

Fiona often visits the wards to do haircuts for the kids, and she’s helped over 700 children at the hospital in the three years since she opened the salon.

Ms Eng said she was desperate to keep Fiona in business to keep the smile on the kids faces.

“I really just wanted to share her story and her good work, I think she needs to be celebrated,” she said.

The salon is run independently of the hospital.

To donate to keep Salon Royale open, click HERE

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