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‘RRRICH + RRRARE’: Ross and John’s new favourite national anthem singer

Let’s be honest, our national anthem rarely makes one’s hairs stand on the back of one’s neck.

But is it the song, or just how we’re performing?

The 3AW Breakfast team is starting wonder after watching the below footage from the Frankston Anzac Day service.

The final notes are epic, but our favourite moment is “rrrrich and rrrrare”.

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Ross pointed out that the singer in question, John Carlo Bellotti, from Glasgow, has an accent which doesn’t quite match the surname Bellotti.

“I suppose it just adds to the whole messed up thing,” John said.

“I’m a Scottish Italian whose a permanent resident of Australia singing the New Zealand anthem and the Australian anthem.

“I don’t know why in English we don’t roll our r’s more often!”

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