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RSPCA backs new puppy farm legislation, but breeders say it will cripple industry

The RSPCA has backed strict new legislation aimed at hitting Victoria’s ‘puppy factory’ industry.

But reputable breeders who comply with the law say they’ll be forced to shut down.

Dr Liz Walker from the RSPCA joined Neil Mitchell in studio on Wednesday to discuss the proposed legislation, which would restrict breeders to a maximum of 10 dogs by 2020.

Puppies and kittens would also only be able to be sold at pet shops if they were from a rescue shelter.

‘The government’s responding to what the community has been saying increasingly loudly for six or seven years,’ Ms Walker said on 3AW Mornings.

‘Victoria is the epicentre of puppy factories in Australia.

‘When I say puppy factories, I mean kitten factories, too

‘We’ve got a really big problem.’

But Matt Hams, who owns one of the state’s biggest breeding facilities, said the legislation wouldn’t impact those already operating illegally and would unfairly target those obeying the law.

‘The reality is we already have laws,’ Mr Hams explained.

‘Those places that are in terrible states are already operating outside the law.

‘(But) the enforcement has been non-existent.’

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