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RSPCA chief describes ‘heartbreaking’ scenes at Longwood raids

The seizure of 119 dogs from an alleged puppy farm in northern Victoria is a wake-up call for the show dog industry, the CEO of the RSPCA says.

Chihuahuas, Chinese Crested dogs and Spaniels were allegedly found in cramped and ‘atrocious’ conditions.

RSPCA CEO Dr Liz Walker described it as the most intensive breeding operation in the state’s history.

A team of vets, inspectors and animal handlers as well as police and council workers worked tirelessly for hours during the raid on two properties in Longwood.

‘It’s really heartbreaking and not what we expect in this century,’ she told Neil Mitchell.

She said the RSPCA needs blankets and towels to help care for the dogs, who are currently being tended to at the Burwood shelter. 

‘This is a big wake-up call. That industry is well and truly on notice,’ she said.

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