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RSPCA slams proposal for bow and arrow hunting in suburbs as ‘inhumane’

The RSPCA says killing feral animals including foxes, rabbits or pigs with a bow and arrow in Melbourne’s urban fringe would be inhumane. 

The Australian Bowhunters Association put forward the idea to a parliamentary inquiry into the control of pest animals.

But RSPCA Acting CEO Sophie Buchanan says the animals would die a slow and painful death.

‘When an animal is shot with a bow and arrow or crossbow, they suffer extensive tissue damage and can take several minutes to die and they die in pretty significant pain and potentially a great deal of fear.’

She said research showed crossbow hunting was ‘spectacularly unsuccessful’ in helping manage numbers of introduced species.

Mark Burrows from the Australian Bowhunters Association said it wouldn’t be ‘open slather’ for anybody, only for bow hunters registered with their organisation.

‘It’s a very close range operation, in built up areas it’s the safest way and it’s selective, poison can kill anything,’ he said on 3AW Breakfast.

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