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RUMOUR CONFIRMED: AFP investigates illegal hacking of air traffic control at Tullamarine and Avalon

RUMOUR CONFIRMED: More than a dozen unauthorised radio transmissions have been made with aircraft at Melbourne and Avalon airports in recent weeks.

3AW Breakfast was told last month 15 cases of unlawful interference with air traffic control were being investigated the Australian Federal Police.

The AFP confirmed that news on Monday.

Those involved were instructing planes to abort landings at the last minute.

‘The Australian Federal Police has launched an investigation into 15 incidents of unauthorised radio transmissions with aircraft at Melbourne and Avalon Airports,’ the AFP said in a statement.

‘As a result of the unlawful interference with air traffic control broadcasts over several weeks, the AFP has today issued a call for public help for any information that will result in the identification and arrest of the person responsible.

‘There is no current threat to the safety and security of the travelling public as a result of these unlawful radio transmissions in the Melbourne area. Travellers do not need to change their plans.’

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