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Rumour confirmed: Armed youths threaten patrons at north-west sports club

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A large group of African teenagers carrying weapons have verbally abused and threatened members of a sports club in Melbourne’s north-west.

First heard on The Rumour File, Justin and Kate were told a frightening incident at a north-west based sports club occurred last Thursday December 28.

Reece Collins, Committee member for Essendon Tennis Club, later confirmed the incident to 3AW Breakfast.

“We had a few members down at the social club having a hit when a group of 14 male youths, they appeared to be of African descent, basically approached the perimeter fence and acted in an abusive and threatening manner,” Reece said.

“Members obviously felt threatened by what had taken place so they called police.

“By the time the police arrived they had dispersed.”

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Reece also said the group were armed.

“That’s the reports we have, that they were carrying weapons, what type I’m not sure.”

Police also confirmed they were called to the Clifton Park Reserve at Aberfeldie about 7.45pm on December 28, after a report of an altercation between a group of youths and patrons of a tennis club.

No formal complaint or injuries have been reported.

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