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Rumour confirmed: ‘Bomb Nan’ tries to hand in old explosives

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Another Rumour confirmed

Earlier this week ‘Bomb Nan’ told The Rumour File she had attempted to surrender some old explosives used by her late husband for work, to her local police station.

She said an evacuation was called and even the bomb squad made an appearance.

Turns out it is 100 per cent correct.

Doreen Storti was going through her late husband’s shed at the retirement village in Cranbourne, when she came across the explosive materials and detorantors he used to use for work.

Her daughter Kaye Liang said they presumed they could simply take them down to the Cranbourne Police Station and hand them in as part of the weapons amnesty.

“All hell broke loose!” Kaye said.

Counter terrorism officers were called in – the bomb squad arrived as the Cranbourne police station was evacuated for some four hours on Wednesday.

But 82-year-old Doreen couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

They werent dangerous, I’d had them in my house for 40 years,” she said.

It was cleared as all safe but police it’s best to call them, rather than coming in to dispose of explosives.

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